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Meet The Team

Upon your first meeting with Gena Gaub, owner and founder of Rocky Mountain Insurance Group, it may feel as though you’ve known her for years. Gena’s passion for her clients’ well-being builds on her intimate knowledge of the insurance industry to give each interaction a sense of authenticity and trust unique to Rocky Mountain Insurance Group.

A third-generation Montanan, Gena grew up in Miles City, where community and hard work define the shared local values. After graduating with a degree in Marketing from Montana State University-Billings, Gena spent the next two decades helping Montanans take care of their business, personal, and family health insurance needs. At the helm of Rocky Mountain Insurance Group, Gena has created an agency well known for its dedicated work ethic and long-term client relationships.

Her model has never typified the big-business approach of fixating on company growth and constant expansion – instead of lines on a ledger sheet, she measures RMIG’s success by client satisfaction. As she puts it, “Our focus is on relationships, and always taking care of our own. Here, you’re considered more of a family member than a client. It’s been my experience than when you do right by people and always take care of them, business success comes naturally.”

Pat Wanderer

Pat Wanderer is affectionally referred to as Mama Pat, a well-deserved moniker which says it all. Pat can solve nearly any issue – and she keeps the candy bowls full.

Kara Standlee

Kara Standlee, a licensed agent and RMIG’s Individual Specialist, tackles the rapidly-changing ins and outs of health insurance with grace, composure, and an incredible depth of knowledge. A stickler for details, she’s known for identifying and preventing potential rough spots before her clients are ever impacted. Kara is a Bozeman transplant, originally from Chicago, and RMIG is so happy she now calls Montana home.

Kelsey Little

Kelsey, lead customer service representative and office manager, hails from Belgrade as a second generation Montanan. Kelsey – a proudly self-proclaimed “lifer” at RMIG – is beloved by her customers, who often say they can “see” her smile through her voice over the phone. She’s an effective, friendly communicator who always takes the time to connect with, inform, and assist clients in need. Kelsey is bound to brighten your day.