FamilyRocky Mountain Insurance offers a wide selection of individual and family health insurance plans, including all of the new 2014 Marketplace plans offered in Montana. We’ll do the work for you to find the best value for your insurance needs and find a plan that fits your budget.




Our Individual And Family Health Insurance plans are for:

  • Health Insurance for Individuals
  • Single coverage or family plans
  • Child-only coverage
  • Self-employed business owners
  • In a job not offering insurance
  • Independent contractors
  • In-between jobs
  • Losing employment or COBRA coverage (portability)
  • Individuals in need of major medical plans
  • Plans for people getting ready to retire
  • Plans for the retired

Family Plans

  • Copays for doctor visits and prescription drugs
  • Maternity coverage
  • Wellness and preventive coverage for adults and children
  • Affordable premiums with higher deductibles
  • Single deductible plans for the entire family
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) qualified plans
  • Supplemental Plans Available

Contact Rocky Mountain Insurance today to get started on protecting you and your loved ones with the best individual coverage Montana has to offer.